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Update: The guys aren't stranded on the side of the road anymore. They are very hungry and are trying to find a Taco Bell ASAP😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less

Update: The guys arent stranded on the side of the road anymore. They are very hungry and are trying to find a Taco Bell ASAP😂😂

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Please hurry, Brayden's beard will fall out without food soon, don't think the world is ready for a a beardless Brayden.

biscuit is overbaked time for a new one with a reliable CAT diesel I see a custom painted provost with a picture of Summer and the band on it cruising on down the road !! Good Luck !!

Someone might want to let him know that there are no tacos down there on the ground. But if in fact he does find a taco there, please don't let him eat it.

You guys have to be really tired by now. How far from home were you when biscuit broke down?

Why can’t you get stranded in Fairfield CA. Home cooked bbq baby backs are on me

After going through that mess you deserve better than taco Bell.

Get that boy some food, he has passed out!

Poor Biscuit! Oh and the boys too;)

What happened to "Biscuit"?

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Biscuit broke down...gave us time to lay in a field and reflect 😂 at least it's pretty outside! ... See MoreSee Less

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Sorry about that guys! Hope you get The Biscuit fixed!

What's gonna make Biscuit Rise? I have sent up the traveler's prayer as well as to the God of the wayward white buss'

Looks like Braden knows what to do! 🙂

Nothing serious I hope.

Sorry to hear about this 🙁 I am sure you are all fixed up and on your way by now !! God Bless <3 !!!

Garin said he would be glad to come pick you up! Lol! Little boy in love.

Been there done that. Sorry maybe not to bad!

If it's going to break tell to at least get closer to the tire shop where I can get there to help with it.

Wow Biscuit Down Again.Bet She Has About 2 million Miles On Her.Safe Travels And God Bless.

Thanks so much for a great night for us to remember last night in Illinois. You guys are all just a lot of fun and fantastic musicians!!!

Bummer, hope you were back on the road quickly (relatively speaking).

Biscuit knew you needed some R&R......🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Poor ol Biscuit 😂 he done the same thing to you guys on the way to Alabama a few months ago but Biscuit belongs to Summer no one else ❤

The night they drove old biscuit down and everybody was singing nah nah nah nah

Sorry to hear your bus broke down on your way home. Hope it's not serious.

Thank goodness it's not chigger season... I think.

Oh, no, say it ain’t so...not Biscuit!

trade it in on a new provost !!

Penny for your thoughts

Where are you?

Oh no, hope you get it fixed quick.

Another burnt biscuit, nothing new is it Summer?? lol

Without Gary even!

Time for a new bus


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Pre show jams🎶 ... See MoreSee Less

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Who is the crazy girl on the flute and what type of flute is that??? I want one!

Sounds great ,I love you guys and gals,that instrument sounds like a flute but doesn't look like the flute my daughter played in high school.

Yay! Is Jet joining the band?

Cory Piatts wife jeanette willis of the Willis clan! playing the irish whistle

New fan here! Saw your show last night and I want you to come back to Morton again.

Wow that flute goes great with the mountain faith band. Maybe need to make an addition.

Jet is now married to Cory, if I'm not mistaken❤

That was Awesome❤ Was that Jett playing the flute?? Amazing!!

Where was this show, Summer?

Awesome music!!

I did that with a McDonald's straw one time

I need this on a loop while I am working!

You must be practicing for St.Patrick's Day!! Love it

Love this❤

Sounds great y'all! Love hearing you guys play!❤

That was awesome!!!!

I’m out of breath just watching


YES! That was awesome!

Wow, what a talent!

Very nice....you should checkout The Transatlantic Sessions. If you don't already follow it.

Great, gotta see BBQ y'all again!!!!


Wow beautiful

Sounds great!

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