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Summer Brooke McMahan’s cabin is finally done! Check it out! ... See MoreSee Less

Summer Brooke McMahan’s cabin is finally done! Check it out!


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I see it from the road and wonder who’s it is. Now I know. So cute.

SO cute! She needs a quilt to match!!! 😉

Wow 😮 It is soooo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

So nice. Love all the colors

So beautiful! Love all the colors! Needs to be in a magazine!

Beautiful love the colors and furnishings

Love the colors and simplicity but I would have to have refrigerator and stove ,not the little stuff

Love all the turquoise!

Wonderful, welcoming and happy looking place! Lovely and great sense of style. I'd live there!!

Adorable, just like you! Love it! Congratulations! Great job!

Soooooo pretty!!!love your style and colors are stunning!!!

is this on your dad's property and you're going to live in it? It is SOOO cute!

Absolutely adorable. Love the bright colors. Looks so warm and comfy. Miss you

Beautiful love all the colors

The rugs are awesome. Great colors

It’s adorable 💕 Love all the artistic touches!!

What an adorable cabin...have fun!!

Very Cute And Cozy Good Job !

Where did she get the rugs? Love the whole place!

Beautiful love all the colors.

So precious, just what I’d love to have up in our N.C. mountains as a getaway!

It’s absolutely perfect!!!

Looks gorgeous and like a great place to call home 💕

So colorful, festive and comfy looking..

Love it how cute congratulations

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6 days ago

Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith

....burnt the biscuits again. ... See MoreSee Less

....burnt the biscuits again.


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Those aren't burnt. Good to go. Chunk of butter in the middle--perfect.

They look pretty good to me! Just the right amount of crisp. Put a lake of gravy on top and it will fix everything!

Chocolate gravy will take care of that

Gravy and it's all good!

Oh no...look like keepers to me. 😋

I love good brown biscuits.

Maybe this is just a test of the no-stick pan?

That's awesome...tops are still good

Luv a gal who can bake !!

A little more gravy on them and they'll be just fine

I like mine brown and crunchy, they look good

Have you tried making those sweet potato biscuits yet?

Bakers call this "caramelization" which is desirable as it adds flavor. Unless they are completely blackened, you should label them, "...now with MORE FLAVOR baked right in!"

The infamous burnt biscuits! I bet they are still good! 😀

Bake them biscuits, bake them good and brown

Those biscuits look fine to me, just some strawberry freezer 🍓jam, and you are good to go 🍓🍓👍👍👍

Morning. Have a wonderful day.

Those look perfect! You ship to Woodstock, Ga ???????:)

You need to write a song about burnt biscuits!

Yum bit crispy with butter and homemade apple butter 😊

Girl I'll eat those biscuits put some butter inside with mayo and tomato with salt and pepper. And you got a full meal.

I actually love biscuits that are a little crisp so they look perfect to me .... especially with some sausage gravy heaped on ‘em.

Hey Summer the rite man wont care if they hockey pucks....if he loves ya he will eat em any way😊 side these boys no like em dat way let em cook em they self

Got to keep you away from the oven for the sake of the biscuits.

Good morning Summer have a great day 😀

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Pre-show jam🎶 #borntofly #agt #countrymusic ... See MoreSee Less


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I love Sara Evans! Great job guys!

Is this young lady part of the group? Love the harmony!

Love it.They awesome.

I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! Wish I could save it as my ringtone. You guys are AWESOME...but you knew that already! 😊

Laura Chapin Smith, Cody Smith, Devin Smith


Sounds Awesome!! Looks like y'all are having a great time as well👍❤

My favorite Sara E song. Sounds good.


The music has just reached Sweden.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! 😍

I llooovvveee Sara evans!!! Y'all are amazing and did a wonderful job

Such natural talent! You all are fabulous!

Fine guitar and great harmony as always!

So fun! You guys are awesome!🎼🎻

Beautiful harmony


Sounding beautiful as always.


Y’all are just so amazing to listen to and watch! Love seeing you do what you love❤️


Love your voice summer

You all always sound great

A very special “thank you” to Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band!!! You were wonderful to work with and we can’t wait to play with you again! The Alternative String kiddos loved this experience!

Love to watch you

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