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CD release party at "CONCERTS ON THE CREEK" this FRIDAY night!! Backstreet Sylva, NC @7pm!! Share this video of our new song "Perfect Day" for a chance to win an autographed CD! 3 winners will be announced Thursday morning!! #agt #opry #countrymusic #asheville #northcarolina #wsm ... See MoreSee Less

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Love this song

This week we will be sharing the stories behind the songs on our new CD! The first song is "Small Town Life". Tell us which small town means the most to you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Love the stories. Sitting here reminiscing and thinking how blessed l am. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Live in Waynesville, NC but moved from NH lived up there for 13 years on a dirt road. No stop light 2 general stores that kind of town . Love both towns but don't miss New England winters

Forest City, NC. Prettiest town around. Both inside and out. From total Loss house fire in college to adoptions from China to a cancer diagnosis, this town has always been there for me and my family. That's what this town is... FAMILY!

Balsam, Waynesville (20 years ago before the world moved there), Hazelwood (which exists no more) the west side of Haywood county for sure

My home place the head of Greens Creek..and at the beginning that would be you all or as I will always remember 'the old Mater farm"..ha .

Grew up in Vermont. Every store or business you needed was walking distance from the house. Everybody knew everybody. Townspeople supported every event in town and rallied when someone was in need. All the kids played sports together even when season was over at school. Now live in Spartanburg in the country, but small town Vermont is still a vivid memory.

CP here: Born & raised in Lancaster, SC. At the ripe old age of 30, married, with a one y/o son & a 2 y/o daughter, scared to death, we moved 500 miles away from our families to another small town, in the panhandle of Florida, for college. After completing a bachelors degree, we loaded up again and moved to the not-so-small town of New Orleans, LA. The next small town move was to Thomson, GA. We bought our retirement home in Clyde, NC a little over 4 years ago and spend every weekend, holiday, and Summers there. We plan to become full-timers in Clyde in May 2018. Absolutely love the mountains of WNC!

Summer I am so thrilled for you and the band. I been a fan for a long time. My favorite hometown is Sylva/Culllowhee. It is there my husband and I fell in love 35 years ago and also the place my son found his beautiful bride and now it appears my daughter has also found the man of her dreams in the same place!

Bridgewater MA Small town life has one common thing. Nobody faces trying moment's alone . We stand together with love kindness ,compassion. Friday ,Saturday everyone found in one place. Watching the boys under lights take the field for Home town football game.

My favorite small town is Wellfleet Nebraska. Population 76! I don't know when that census was taken because there are not that many any more. It is a peaceful place that time forgot to change. Surrounded by hills to the west and a small little lake. Most people burn wood so on winters night you can step outside and see smoke curling up out of the chimneys.

Grew up in Alexandria, VA, while it was still a small town and then moved to Scottsdale, AZ, long before it because a big town and while it was still possible to know an awful lot of people. Spent a bunch of summers in a small town in Upstate New York, the village of Catskill, along the Hudson River. And wherever I've lived subsequent to that, have always tried to duplicate what makes a small town so special, even here in Southern California. 🙂

Two small towns were important in my life. First the town I was born in-Richlands, Virginia VA. A small coal mining town. The second was where I helped in a small church as a youth leader-Altavista, Virginia. Both towns played a critical role in helping to develop me into the man that I am today. Love the song.

Hollis, Oklahoma! We may look like we are on the edge of nowhere, but I am very proud to have been born and raised in this town! Our people stick together and know each other no matter how far away we are from here!

Hometown is Sylva NC, love it. I also hold Franklin NC and Waynesville NC dear! And now Forest City NC is special. There's something about the tight community and friendships in small towns!! God bless all of your small towns💕

Switz City, Indiana... But please, don't mistake us for Yankees...lol! We as Southern Indiana Hoosiers truly think of ourselves as Southerners with those tried and true southern values and hospitality... FYI, Switz City, IN population 293..

Grew up in Franklin but with Woodard as a last name y'all know Sylva was my real hometown or "Pumpkintown"! Spent the last 35 years following an Air Force man around but home for me will always be my daddy's house on warm mtn road sylva ❣️

Oneonta,NY. A beautiful little town with rolling hills. Hence its nickname the city of the hills. A great place to bring up kids. It is where I was brought up and I brought my children up.

Though we've lived and worked in several small towns, I'd have to say Tuckasegee. Here we have found true friends, a church family that is dedicated to helping others, and a home we love.

Whittier,NC , My sons have been bringing their cars and trucks into your station for about 30 years! Happy to see how Summer and her ( your) band is so successful now!

Forest City has my heart-----and Christmas lights might be the best anywhere in the world!

Anderson SC, 55 years and counting. Love your music and what you stand for. Going to be stopping by High Country Tire Shop soon on my way to Bryson City. Do y'all have your CD's for sale at the Tire Shop? If so I'm going to buy me one or two.

Sylva. I always knew I would live here. I was born here but raised in sapphire and cashiers but I always said sylva would be my Home. It's beautiful and lots of opportunities

Sylva will always hold a special place in my heart. I felt a wave of peace and joy when we arrived here 22 years ago and that feeling is still with me.

Papertown (Canton). Didn't a little old band named Balsam Range record a song about it?

I grew up in Chapel Hill back in the '60s and 70s when it truly was a village. It's gotten too big for it's britches now and 10x the population.

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2 days ago

Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith

Excited to be heading to Douglas, AL next Sunday to worship with the wonderful people at Golden Heights Baptist Church!

www.facebook.com/goldenheightschurch/posts/1315579138559754:0We are very excited to have Summer Brooke and the Mountain Faith Band with us July 30th @ 6PM! You may have seen them on America's Got Talent, the Atlanta Falcons NFC championship game, or an Atlanta Braves game...this group of young musicians is everywhere!

This is a FREE concert and everyone is welcome! **ALSO please stay to enjoy refreshments following the service!**

#mountainfaithband #goldenheights
... See MoreSee Less

Excited to be heading to Douglas, AL next Sunday to worship with the wonderful people at Golden Heights Baptist Church!https://www.facebook.com/goldenheightschurch/posts/1315579138559754:0

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No better group anywhere enjoy hearing them every time we get the opportunity

Y'all are so blessed.

Safe travels

Hope you are having a blessed sunday

have fun all the best to you

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